Accounting is the language of businesses. In this resource guide, we have made accounting standards simple to understand for non-accounting folks. Learn all about accounting - from the basics to more advanced topics here.


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Introduction to Financial Statements. The basics of accounting - refreshing read for accountants and non-accountants. Ever wondered why some standards are set in a certain way? Here’s why! 

Accounting for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold: IAS 2 / ASC 330. What goes into inventory cost? What is LIFO, FIFO and what is allowed or disallowed under IFRS and US GAAP?

Accounting for PPE: IAS 16/ ASC 360. How is PPE recorded in the financial statements? Learn about different depreciation methods and PPE impairment.

Accounting for Leases: IFRS 16 vs IAS 17. IAS 17 will be replaced by IFRS 16. How will this impact the accounting for leases? 

Financial Statement Analysis. How do financial analysts assess a company based on the financial statements? A comprehensive summary of all the common ratios used in financial analysis! 


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