Our Mission: Stay relevant, share experiences, impart knowledge

TFA Geeks was started in 2016 for Treasury, Finance and Accounting (TFA) professionals, or those aspiring to be one. We are a small team dedicated to sharing our experiences and knowledge with those who are passionate about anything related to TFA.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional in industry, this site is for you. As seasoned professionals, we know the importance of staying relevant and keeping ourselves up-to-date to latest developments in the industry.

Time has since changed. Things that we learnt in school (ten years or more) might not be relevant and might be outdated today. On the same note, we will not promise what we are sharing now will remain relevant five or ten years from now. It might sound a little cliché, but we firmly believe that the only thing that will be constant is change.

Therefore, in our posts and sharing, we attempt not to just share textbook material, but we want to use real life cases and share our actual experiences. Our goal is to help TFA professionals succeed in their fields or recent finance graduates who are curious about the TFA industry by sharing real-life industry experiences and imparting relevant knowledge.