ATC ACTS 2018 : The end of a memorable annual gathering and the start of a new ACTS flagship event

September 23, 2018


It was another memorable annual gathering where our ACTS members gather and network with their peers. There were many new faces and we were encouraged to learn that many new connections were made.

Members were delighted with an interesting keynote address by Mr Emmanuel Daniel, Founder Asian Banker, who put a surprising twist to an otherwise history lesson into an intriguing analysis of the current digital network economy.

Subsequent presentations from Mr Jim Kaitz, President & CEO of the AFP, case study sharing by ACTS EXCO Chris Emslie, Regional Treasurer of General Mills and many other knowledge sharing and engaging discussions were absorbed by the highly attentive and appreciative crowd.

As usual, event moderator Mr David Blair (our ex ACTS President) worked the panels and the audience, and had several thought provoking questions and answers sessions. Members were left wanting more.

All good times must end.

However, it can be revived and recreated in an even better way.

Start of a new ACTS Flagship Event

Our President, Mr Goh Seng Ti, opened the event with a bit of nostalgia sharing and shared ACTS’s decision to end the current arrangement with ATC to run our annual ACTS event.

We thank ATC for their partnership and all our sponsors who have steadfastly supported our journey, without whom this successful yearly affair would never had happened.

As part of ACTS drive to build on our past success and to further establish our association, we will relaunch our annual event in a new and exhilarating format.

Our aim remains the same, our philosophy unchanged.

We will remain an independent association with members only from the corporate buy side. Our dear friends from the Banks, Financial Institutions, Financial Service Providers and Sell side - sorry, its only for the Corporate Treasurers.

We value our members’ feedback and we will continue to create a neutral platform, where our members can discuss issues and topics independently and objectively. And we hope to connect our members to areas beyond but relevant to their usual and normal work.

We want to connect the dots in the financial eco-system.

Bear with us. We will announce more exciting details and partnerships for our flagship event in 2019. The event that you will not want to miss!

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ACT(S) is a non-profit organisation of individual memberships drawn from corporate treasurers and finance professionals involved in corporate treasury work. Members are typically in corporate organisations on the buy-side of the marketplace. Established in 1991 as the Treasurer's Club, the association has grown in numbers and spread. As Singapore increasingly become a treasury hub, membership now include group and regional corporate treasurers, treasury centre managers and other professional whose treasury activities cover a wide geographical spread.