New Year, New Ideas & More Topics on TFA Geeks

January 08, 2018

New Year, New Ideas & More Topics on TFA Geeks

We have popped the champagnes over the New Year celebrations, said our goodbyes to 2017 and welcomed 2018. Here at TFA Geeks, we have heard your comments and feedback and we are taking them seriously.

We will continue speak to more experts and invite guest writers to share their experiences and opinions. And we are trying hard to look into collaborations with well established organisations and professional bodies to cross share and present more information to our readers.

And most importantly, we are trying our best to keep this platform Professional and Free. Free from bias, free from encumbrance and free for our readers to access, share and connect.

We ask for your patience with us, as we grow and develop our content and outreach. We ask for your contribution, in ideas, opinions and making this platform useful and relevant for professionals like yourself. We ask that if you like our content thus far, follow us and help us grow and connect to a wider scope of audience with similar minds like yourself.

What is next?

We are working at very interesting partnerships with established organisations to provide a steady stream of content.

We are receiving very valuable content from professionals beyond but yet very relevant to our usual Treasury, Finance & Accounting realms.

We are trying to get folks to open up and utilise our Ask an Expert functionality in getting answers to their queries. 

Be Connected and Stay Relevant 

It is getting more and more crucial that one stay connected to this fast moving world. Things are evolving at neck breaking pace.

I was reminded recently how the way we take pictures has changed drastically over a short 10 years time frame. The last time I used a film camera, it was just about 10 years ago. And you could easily purchase a roll of 36 films and develop them into photos conveniently at the shops without much hassle. That was the norm.

Then came digital cameras, and i recall getting hyper excited many years back with my DSLR and fiddling with the lens and mastering the multi functions of a high end Digital Camera. Yes, i admit, owning a 16 GB memory card was kinda state of the art.

Just over the year end celebrations, someone more than a decade youthful than myself educated me that the Iphone X boasts a rear camera of 12 MP and has a memory of up to 256 GB. And the picture quality is comparable to that of my DSLR but much easier to use and far less clunky. Plus, one can edit like a pro, instantly send and share the pictures with friends without cables and PCs. If my DSLR had feelings, i could hear them shatter like the fireworks over the midnight sky.

It then dawned upon me, how this resonates with my professional life. The lifelong training and experience that many of us had chalked up and grind through could be irrelevant within a short span of time. And worst still, it risked being made redundant unknowingly.

IMAGINE if i had dedicated myself to mastering the art of photography using traditional film. In most likelihood, I will have to end up building a dark room to develop all the photos myself, and contend with finding rare suppliers for my apparatus and solutions!

Technology has in no doubt improved our lives tremendously, but it has brought about a real and present threat to us all. It is of paramount importance that we remain connected amidst the pace of developments and stay relevant to the world.

One must learn to embrace and not reject. I’m trying hard. How about you?

about author

Seng Ti is currently heading a Treasury & Finance team in a MNC and is serving as the President of the Association of Corporate Treasury (Singapore) aka ACTS. He enjoys reading and discussing about current affairs, politics, life, wine and lives a normal life with his wife and 2 young kids.