Trading and Investment

Most people have heard about trading and investing, but they do not fully understand them, let alone the differences between the two and the different specialisations within the genres. Perhaps to some, the Trading and Investment industry are as arcane and mysterious as the legendary mythical beasts of old. 


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The Basics - Trading and Investing. What is Trading and what is Investing? What are the main differences between the two? Have a quick read, if you are unsure!

Trading for a Living. Is it possible for one to be a full time trader and trading for his/her own money? What does it take to be a full-time trader in a bank or financial institution?

The Basics - Hedge Funds. What is a Hedge Fund and how does it work? Learn about the different types of hedge funds and why they are still popular today?

High-Frequency Trading in a Nutshell (Part 1). Ever wondered what HFT does? Learn who are the big players and what sets them apart in the trading world!

High-Frequency Trading in a Nutshell (Part 2). In this article, we dig deeper into the most preferred HFT strategies, effects of HFT on the market and how to break into the industry!


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