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Corporate Treasury Masterclass - The FX Effect

April 4th, 2019 
Refinitiv One Raffles Quay

Join speakers from Azzana, Kyriba, Refinitiv, Reuters and SWIFT together with ACTS on 4th April to learn and discuss how you can evolve your treasury to better handle the increasingly complex world of FX.
Corporate treasury management in Asia is challenging due to increasing complexities that arise from the fragmented nature of the region further complicated by ever changing landscapes. FX Risk Management is often identified as one of the areas for Corporate Treasurers to get right. Automation is one of the optimal solution to overcome these challenges. With the right tools and tech solutions in place, the end-to-end treasury workflow can be sped up, made more efficient, with scalable and more secure setup.

With business operations and cash-flows dispersed across many different countries with their own capital and trade controls, cross-border trading and reporting regulations, it can be hard to get a true view on cash-flow and forecasting. Adding increased FX volatility due to the changing macroeconomic environment, such as the China-US trade war or oil price movements, it can be difficult to assess FX liquidity and hedging requirements. And that’s before the actual trading, settlement and reporting is factored in.

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